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Handmade Pens and Gifts

Interest New Arrivals

We have made a collection of pens and pencils using Corian. It has many uses, but its most familiar application is as kitchen worksurfaces.The manufacture of these popular worksurfaces necessarily produces waste material.

It is from these offcuts and scraps that we make these pens, instead of it becoming landfill.

There are over a hundred colours of Corian, so the choice is huge and exciting.

They have a stone like quality to them, the depth of colour and patterning really is lovely.

They are polished beautifully, and with a quality ink cartridge they write beautifully, and are very affordable.

For more information on Corian have a look in the Interest Section.

Interesting Pens from an Interesting Material

Corian Pens

All our Corian Pens are supplied in an Arketa box.

For more options have a look in the accessories section