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Handmade Pens and Gifts


This is our collection of all varieties of Handmade Pens.

Scroll through the list, which is randomly ordered to see the complete stock of Pens.

If the pen is listed, it means we have it in stock.

If you find a style of pen or material you like, you can use the search facility at the top of the page to find all the pens that fit that criteria.


All sorts of pens for all sorts of people

Art Deco Regal   FP/RB

Circuit Board          BP

Falcon                        BP

Paxton                FP/RB

Panache                   RB

Apollo Infinity     FP/RB

Charleston Deco   BP

Jnr Gents II       FP/RB

Princess                    BP

Talisman                    BP

Carlton                 FP/RB

Cortona                     BP

Kappa                   FP/RB

ProX Deco                BP

Trinity       FP/RB/P/BP    

Leveche               FP/RB

Diva Charm               BP

Linton                   FP/RB

Serenity                     BP

Weston Gear           BP

Cartridge Twist      BP

Empress              FP/RB

Lock & Load                 BP

Shock Absorber      BP


Cavendish  Sierra                                        BP

Evaine                         BP

Merlin                        BP

Sirocco                       BP

Zeta                            BP

Cavendish  Sierra  Elegance                   BP            

Exemplar                  BP

Spiritual Twist         BP

Art Deco Regal Circuit Board Falcon Paxton Traditional Panache Jr Gentlemens Charleston Deco Kappa Linton Cortona Carlton Pro X Deco Diva Charm

FP = Fountain Pen                                      BP = Ballpoint Pen

RB = Rollerball Pen                                     P = Pencil

Weston Gear Princess Talisman Trinity Mistral Merlin Zeta Sirocco Exemplar Apollo Lock & Load Cartridge Twist Empress Shock Absorber Serenity Leveche Cavendish Sierra Cavendish  Elegance